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Indus Alelia

Owner, Executive Producer, Showrunner

Indus was a professional ballerina before she became a stunt woman for film and television. Now she is an award winning filmmaker and animator. 

Indus is a true flower child born to hippy parents. She was born in Oklahoma and grew up in Texas. Her Maternal Grandmother was a Holocaust survivor. 

Indus began her professional ballet training at 4 years old. She studied with Fernando Schaffenburg, Texas Christian University and Fort Worth Ballet. Indus was also a boarding student at Walnut Hill High School where she studied ballet. She went on to dance with ballet companies all over the United States, including Ballet Theater Pennsylvania, where Trinette Singleton was Ballet Mistress.

After a successful career in dance, Indus transitioned to working in film and television as a Stunt Performer. She has been lit on fire many times and performed numerous stunts and fight scenes that can be seen in movies and TV shows. Eventually leading her to producing, writing and directing.

Spitting Distance Pictures is Indus' creative playground where she creates and produces film projects.

Indus loves creating dark, twisted horror stories but also fits in very well with the comedy world because of her love of and apt for writing irreverent, odd, weird humor... In fact, Indus participated in an invite only, writing audition for SNL. She also completed a residency with the St. Nell's Humor Writing Residency for Women.

Indus is an Executive Producer, Show Runner, Director, Writer, Animator and occasionally an Actor.

Yes, Indus can still throw a punch and get lit on fire for films and tv shows but typically only dances in her living room.

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